Reskinned Sith Lord for Pathfinder



I hate reinventing the wheel, don’t you?

There are so many creative people playing games like Pathfinder and Dungeons & Dragons that you’d think everything had been done. New classes, new archetypes, builds of your favorite heroes and villains from pop culture. Just use the old Google machine and one search later, everything you’re looking for will show up in a list of Search Results.

Over the past few years, the resurgence of the Star Wars franchise has Awakened the Force within me (see what I did there?) As a player, I’ve tried to make the most Jedi-ish (or Sith-ish, depending on the game) character build I could. These have been Pathfinder games, with so many different classes that it shouldn’t be hard to make everyone’s favorite magic space wizards.

The other people I game with tend to roll their eyes whenever I bring a new character to the table. “No, this one is a monk-wizard, not a psychic-fighter! They’re totally different! Also, this is my lightsabre longsword.” Hey, when you have a game that allows so much character customization, why not?

Editor’s Note: Yes, I’ve heard the “just play a Star Wars RPG then” argument. None of my other regular gamers are interested, so I make things work with the system I have.  

Naturally, when I took up the GM mantle and agreed to run a campaign for my group, they were skeptical thrilled. We were sticking with Pathfinder, so it was just a matter of coming up with the campaign. I told them it would be a mix of homebrew and an established Adventure Path, gave them a Player’s Guide to help with their builds, and set off to work.

Of course, one of the things I’m changing is the BBEG. Well, not exactly changing. Players being the unpredictable sort took things off the rails quickly and veered us into some very interesting waters. Waters that I thought could use a Sith Lord (because reasons).

Now it is entirely possible that they will steamroll over this BBEG, or not even encounter him at all in a combat sense. But I wanted to be sure I had a stat block for him just in case.  Rather than attempt to build him from scratch, I thought I’d take advantage of the hundreds of existing monster stat blocks and find one close to what I was looking for. Just a bit of reskinning and he would be ready to go. Again, I hate reinventing the wheel.

And lo, I found my instrument of Dark(side)ness – The Marilith Demon


Appearance aside, there isn’t very much reskinning to do here. Apply the Young Template to this, change it from Large to Medium, change Tail attacks to Force Grab and Force Crush, and you’re set.  The unholy aura is a nice thematic touch, infuse weapon gives the longswords a little something (wink), telekinesis is already an ability, and the rest is good to run.

Of course, the campaign just started and there’s plenty of story between now and end game. The players might gain more power than projected. If that happens, I’m ready for that too – Mythic Marilith Demon muahaha!

Have you reskinned a monster to fill an NPC slot? Or used one to recreate a pop culture character? Let me know in the comments below who you made, and what monster you used!



  • Darth Revan by alex-malveda on @DeviantArt
  • Publisher’s Choice Quality Stock Art (c) Rick Hershey / Fat Goblin Games

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