A Favor in Kind – Critical Role E16

After a rough weekend at work, I find myself with some much needed days off. Thankfully, a few weeks ago I’d scheduled a game night with the usual cast for tonight. I had no way of knowing that the Winnipeg Jets would be playing on the same day. In the second round of the Stanley Cup playoffs no less!

Now that might all sound like a bunch of jibberish. After all, nerds aren’t supposed to know anything about sports and such. My brain is mush after the weekend, which isn’t helping me either. I’m really not in the right mind frame for tonight’s Pathfinder session.

Luckily for me, the latest Critical Role dropped on Youtube yesterday. I’m hoping that with all the driving I have to do today, listening to my creative muse might help get me sorted out for tonight.

That, or caffeine. Sweet sweet caffeine.

Here’s Campaign 2, Episode 16 of Critical Role – A Favor in Kind.


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