Critical Role

For the past couple of months, I’ve been splitting my writing duties between being a novella author, and a gamesmaster for my Pathfinder Campaign setting. Both have been equally rewarding, and both have really helped with giving the voices in my head something to talk about. That sounded creepier than it was supposed to. Or was it?

Regardless of which hat I’m wearing, I’ve always found that creativity breeds creativity. Being around creative people, doing what they’re passionate about, is a huge motivation for me. That’s why I fell hard, and I mean HARD, for Critical Role.

For those not in the know, Critical Role is “where a nerdy-ass bunch of voice actors get together and play Dungeons and Dragons.” I’ve really enjoyed watching (and listening) to their broadcasts for a number of reasons. For starters, they’re very good voice actors. Listening to them do what they do makes their performance very engaging.

Then you’ve got the Dungeon Master, Matt Mercer. The creative force and world builder, gifted storyteller and entertaining voice actor in his own right. The passion he has for what he does really shines through. He paints a picture of every encounter, and engages both player and listener alike.

I don’t play Dungeons and Dragons. It’s essentially the same as the Pathfinder RPG, but it’s a different world. There are subtle difference between the worlds. But there’s a reason I never miss an episode, and spend the better part of a week finishing each 3-4 hour session that they broadcast. It’s entertaining. It’s engaging. For me, it’s also motivating. In fact, I credit Critical Role for helping to create one of my favorite GM/DM moments in recent memory. (A topic for another time.)

To catch them live, check out every thursday night at 7pm pacific. They push the episode to youtube the following monday, and to iTunes Thursday morning. If you’re not familiar with them and want to binge watch, the crew has just started their new campaign. It takes places about ten years after their first one ended, but you don’t need to know about the first campaign to enjoy this one. Episode 15 starts tonight, but here is Episode 14 of Critical Role – Fleeting Memories



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