2018 Pushup Challenge


It’s that time of year again. The time when people vow to better themselves in some way. They’re going to eat better. Be a little more active. Improve their health, because happiness begins with health. New Year, New You amirite!

Me, I just thought it’d be cool to do a bunch of pushups. Like, a whole bunch of pushups. Two thousand and eighteen to be precise.

Yep, it’s the #2018PushUpChallenge!

The hashtag makes it an official thing.

Unlike the madman Matt Kido aka Gokuflex (the gentleman with the abs in the video above), I will not be doing my 2018 pushups in a single afternoon, for I am not a mighty man with abs and shoulders for days. I am but a mortal man, who woke up one morning and thought I’d punish myself with fitness.

On New Year’s Day, I put together my plan of attack. I found an app (because we’re in 2018 and everything must be done with an app) that not only put together a pushup program for me, but keeps a running total of the amount of pushups I complete from session to session. My goal is to go to the gym every day, do some cardio, then do my pushups.

Pushups are a great compound exercise, working the muscles in your entire upper body.  I know this because after two days, the muscles in my entire upper body are filled with aches and regret. I’m writing this just before heading out for Day Three of my challenge, but so far I’ve somehow logged over two hundred pushups. I’m already 10% of the way to my goal!

We’ll see how things progress, but so far 2018 is shaping up to be a powerful year. Sore, but powerful.



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