How to Write and Publish a Book

Having the brain capacity of a cracked out hamster at times, I find myself drifting to Youtube for motivation, inspiration, and occasionally procrastination. Thankfully I’m subscribed to people like Jenna Moreci (@jennamoreci on Twitter) who, being a cyborg as well as an author, really speak to me on a number of levels. 

While I’m not anywhere close to this point, I found her vlog “How to Write and Publish a Book – a Step-By-Step Guide” checking both my motivation and inspiration boxes. Procrastination, I never have problems checking. Checking that box is actually the problem, and the reason I refuse to call myself a writer.

I’m posting Jenna’s video here because:

  1. It might help others who are looking for answers.
  2. It will definitely help me when I need the answers.
  3. I create RPG worlds and bang my head against the wall when it comes to finishing my short story, and therefore have nothing meaningful to contribute to on my own blog. Unless you want to check out my Elf, in which case I can totally contribute.

And now, on to the video!