Back from the Brink

No, I have not fallen off the face of the earth.

Okay well maybe I did.  At least, it felt like I did.

I started a new schedule at work. My job is already shift work, long 12 hour shifts at that. That can not only beat you up physically, but mentally it can turn you into a basket of kittens. I have no idea what that means, which tells you what my headspace was like for t he past few months.  But the new schedule did not even allow for a patterned routine. I was all over the place.

Then I started dealing with some personal issues. Nuff said on that.

But now I feel like I’ve put myself together, Bionic Man-style.  I want to be present. I want to have a presence.

More importantly, I want to be a writer.

That means, I have to write.

Consider this my first baby step back.

By Alex Creed Posted in Blog

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