Will GSP Retire At UFC 167?


This Saturday at UFC 167, UFC Welterweight Champion George “Rush” St-Pierre will defend his title against punching machine, Johnny Hendricks.  If he gets past the wrecking machine known as Bigg Rigg, there isn’t much left for GSP to prove as Welterweight Champion.  Sure there’s been chatter around the campfire regarding various superfights and the possibility of GSP switching weight divisions, but that’s something George hasn’t really seemed to be a fan of. 

 So what’s next?  Well, there are a growing number of people who think GSP might step away from the fight game entirely, going out on top rather than riding out the next few years of his career.

 GSP’s longtime mentor, Kristof Midoux , hopes that the Canadian Phenom will call it quits after his victory this Saturday so he can start the next phase of his life – a family life.

Midoux has played the role of mentor for over 15 years with St-Pierre. He remembers giving him very simple advice several years ago – do not start a family before retirement.

“I told him to be selfish. It is not true that you can have a family, children and be at the highest level. He listened to me. If George really wants to do his family, he will have to do after his career,” note Midoux.  “At age 32, this is the right age.”

According to him, St-Pierre had “the best career in the world.” 

“The time has come for him to become “the best father in the world.” People want to see him in the cage at 40 years old, but at 40 years old it will be cheesy career, no wife, no kids,” said the mentor.

The mystery remains as to the intentions of Georges St-Pierre. When asked the question, he provides focus on Hendricks without thinking about the future. “There’s a big black hole after the fight November 16,” he replied in the language of one who closes no doors.

In recent years, St-Pierre has never hidden the fact that he wants to leave while on top.   He said he was aware of the dangers of his sport. He knows that those who cling too long often suffer irreversible damage. “After my career, I want to grow old, I want to have a family. I want to play with my children,” note St-Pierre. “I do not want to be 60 years old, all broken into pieces. That’s not me.”

Will GSP call it a career this weekend?  Will he go out on top, start a family, open his own school?  Or will he keep his grinding to the Octagon for the next few years?


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