Louis C.K. and Cell Phones

Comedians are not only funny, but they’re some of the most damaged human beings in society.  It’s true.  Look at many of the great comedians and you’ll find they have this darkness in their past that they continue to carry with them.  It helps them make with the funny, oddly enough.  They twist their pain into humor.

But for all their damage, they’re also some of the most rational thinkers.  They’re used to navigating their own thoughts and feelings when they sculpt their comedy sets, so they tend to make some very good points when they pick a subject or topic apart (see multi-Emmy award winning Jon Stewart as a prime example of this.)

It is therefore no surprise at all when one of the top comedians out there today, Louis C.K.,  drops knowledge on why he won’t get a cell phone for his daughter and points out the drawbacks in the texting generation.


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