Librarian Tells 9 Year-Old He Reads Too Much

Words are hard! Say it!

Words are hard! Say it!

A little girl asked me recently if I thought the World could ever end. I wasn’t exactly sure how to answer that, because I’d rather not plant seeds of nightmares unless it is absolutely necessary. But when she told me she’d recently watched the movie 2012 I immediately cut her off and told her a scenario like that would never happen.  There’s no way John Cusack is saving anyone.

That’s right:  I dropped movie logic on a child and won the conversation. Boo-yah!

Despite my victory, I read articles like this one and become thankful that I have more years behind me than in front of me.  Society seems to be hell-bent on pissing in the gene pool and producing offspring that are coddled to the point of uselessness.  It will come to a point where the populace of entire cities, completely unable to cope with any adversity at all, will be so crippled with anxiety that they’ll just refuse to get out of bed.  Forever.  And die there.

Joe looked out the window and just stood there until rigor set in.

Joe looked out the window and just stood there until rigor set in.

The obituary of society article I’m referring to is about a public reading contest of all things.  Library director Marie Gandron from Hudson Falls, NY, told a 9 year old participant in the “Dig into Reading!” competition to bow out so someone else could win.  The boy, Tyler Weaver, had won the contest six years in a row.  His secret?  He just loves to read.

 You’d think a library director would be pleased with this.  You’d be wrong.

“Other kids quit because they can’t keep up,” Gandron said.”

God forbid that someone’s precious little snowflake should learn about adversity and effort instead of being handed everything and getting a pat on the head just for trying.  Something Lita Casey, an aide at the library, agrees with.

“My feeling is you work, you get it. That’s just the way it is in anything. My granddaughter started working on track in grade school and ended up being a national champ. Should she have backed off and said, ‘No, somebody else should win?’ I told her (Gandron), but she said it’s not a contest, it’s the reading club and everybody should get a chance,” Casey said.

Gandron’s solution, had this situation not gone public, was – you guessed it – participation ribbons for everyone!

Gandron further told the reporter she planned to change the rules of the contest so that instead of giving prizes to the children who read the most books, she would draw names out of a hat and declare winners that way.

Beautiful.  Take the kids who work hard and put in the extra effort, and treat them the same as the snot-nosed crayon eaters who do the bare minimum.  What a  wonderful lesson to teach the next generation.  The World will not end via french-kissing an asteroid, but by an entire society collapsing after struggling to do “just enough”.  They’ll eventually be incapable of doing the simplest tasks, dooming us all.

We are already there.

We are already there.


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