From One Second To The Next

German filmmaker Werner Herzog was asked to direct a series of short films regarding  the dangers of texting while driving.  The result was the film “From One Second To The Next”, which covers four accidents caused by texting while behind the wheel.  It’s a reflection of the culture that we now live in.  Texting is becoming a dominant form of communication, to the point that people standing in the same room will text each other rather than looking up from their “smart”phone and opening their mouth-holes.  Written communication is being tainted by “text-speak”. 

And texting is getting people killed.

It only takes one second of distraction to change lives, or end them.  But despite all the media coverage, all the shocking commercials, all the fines handed out by the police, people are still doing it.  I’ll admit that I’ve done it as well in the past, and that’s one of the reasons I upgraded my smart phone to get the “speech to text” function.  I can text anywhere I want, as long as I can talk to my phone.  Crazy concept, talking to your phone.

Texting and driving is insane if you think about it.  You wouldn’t ask someone to close their eyes for five seconds while they drove down the highway, but that’s exactly what you’re doing when you text and drive.


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