Best Marriage Proposal

There is a whole lot of pressure when a couple decides to get married.  They have to get the right engagement ring, plan the right wedding, and invite the right people.  And by “right” I mean “what she wants”. It’s just the way things work out.  There’s a reason the term “bridezilla” exists, and that there’s no comparable term for the groom.  Just like there’s a reason there are so many bride/wedding/wedding dress reality shows on TLC .

Let’s face it — when it comes to weddings, it’s all about the bride.  They will focus on every detail, and each of those details must be executed perfectly.  They want a particular wedding dress, made from an appropriate fabric, in a specific style, made by a certain designer.  All of those criteria must be met before the bride will be happy(?) with a dress that will be worn once for a few hours, never to be worn (or most likely seen) ever again.   

That’s just the wedding dress, mind you.  The wedding ceremony itself is a monster of Godzilla-like proportions that will stomp flat the Tokyo that is the groom’s sanity. 

But there’s one instance in the whole courtship where the groom actually has a say — the proposal.  The bride will appreciate a good proposal, but it’s up to the groom to actually pop the question.  Much like the bride wants the wedding day to be special, the groom will often make extra efforts so that the proposal is a true “stand-out” event.  It’s his moment to shine, and the last time he’ll actually have a say in anything.  Sometimes the guy will take his bride-to-be out for a fancy dinner and drop the engagement ring in her food.  Sometimes he’ll pull off some kind of fancy magic trick to surprise and amaze her. 

Then you get guys like this who decide to set the bar re-fricking-diculously high.  Thanks a whole bunch, asshole.  


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