July 26 – Happy All Or Nothing Day


Why not?

Too many people ask why, and not in a good way.  You tell these people about an idea you had, or a dream you want to pursue, and they give you the “Why would you want to try that?”  Then you start doubting yourself and you’re the why person asking “Why would I want to do that?”  This is a negativity roadblock that does nothing but strangle personal growth.

More people should be saying “why not?”

Why not give it a try?  Why not attempt something new? Why not take a chance?

I just happened to stumble across the fact that today, July 26, is “National All or Nothing Day“.  Good luck trying to Google that, because for a national holiday it sure isn’t nationally recognized.  When the Internet barely gives you any lip service, you know you’ve got an uphill battle ahead of you.  But what the Hell, right?  If they can take an idea like “Talk Like A Pirate Day” and make it into an actual thing, why not this?

See that?  Why not.

The concept is good, and can be a little more life-fulfilling than spending the day saying “arrr matey.” Also, it’s much less likely to get you punched in the throat for being annoying.

An All or Nothing Day is a day when a person decides that he is going to take risks and live on the edge. He decides to live like it is his last day on earth. It is the time when people are given permission to shine.

An All or Nothing Day is the time when people quit testing the waters and playing the “what if” game. Whether it’s a job commitment, overcoming a fear, or even a starting a relationship, today is the time to fully commit. Force yourself to make a decision – all or nothing. In the end, you’ll feel better that you no longer have those questions lingering on your mind. It’s now or never.

I think we all need a day like this.  A day that forces us to get off our ass and take that next step.  Everybody’s got at least one thing they’ve wanted to try.  Maybe it’s a Bucket List kind of deal, or maybe it’s something as simple as reconnecting with a friend that they’ve lost touch with.  It’s a day that encourages people to get off the fence and dare to live for just one day.   Either go for it, or give up the notion and move on.  Ignite your passion, or release it into the nether.  Playing the “What If” game can drive you out of your mind if you let it, and too many of us do.

Now some people might look at this and think “well I’ve always wanted to rob a liquor store and go on a high speed chase.”  For you I say “go home and play Grand Theft Auto.”  You’re missing the point.  All or Nothing Day is a day to celebrate Life, and what makes every day worth living. 

So what are some of the things you should be giving your all? Take a minute and think about the things you would regret not doing if you were gone tomorrow. It’s the day to say, “I love you”, apologize or forgive an old friend and smile. Spend more time with your family, wear pink or practice like you’ve never practiced. Do something nice for someone, express yourself, don’t deny your feelings and follow your heart. Today is all about you. Some things might hurt, like letting down your guard for the day, but in the end it’s worth it. Who knows what tomorrow brings. Most of all, enjoy the day.

It’s Friday.  Who knows what could happen over the weekend!  Could be good, could be bad.  For one day, dare to take a chance.

I mean, why not?


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