Welcome to the End of Days

I have no use for reality television, and even less for the mouth-breathers who shuffle their car-wreck of a life out in front of the masses just to get their fifteen minutes of fame.  Very few of these people have ever done anything remotely positive with their lives other than try to justify their celebrity status.  Back in the day, the worst offenders of this was the crew of Jersey Shore.  Wall to wall useless.  One of the worst of the lot was the Oompa Loompa who called herself Snooki.

A positive role model.

Jersey Shore was mercifully cancelled, but Snooki and JWOWW spun off into their own show.  Then Snooki went and got herself pregnant, and the World wept for the already doomed spawn of the Orange One.

Somehow, in her own way, Snooki managed to turn herself around.  Maybe the birth of her child grounded her.  Maybe she clued in that her man wouldn’t stick around with someone who was a complete train wreck.  But recently, Snooki released pictures of her new, healthier physique as well as some words of motivation to her fans:

“Just know you really have to work hard to achieve your end goal. Don’t give up!” she encouraged them. “Trust me, it feels so good when you get there!”

Hard work, a healthy diet which didn’t include the booze food group, and Snooki shed 42 pounds.  Sure, she only did it so her man wouldn’t go chasing other skirts, but her dedication to living a healthier lifestyle has to count for something.  Right?

Let’s face it – when you’re talking about a Jersey Shore alum, any kind of positive message is a miracle in itself.


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