The Human Battery


I really don’t like this Slavisa Pajkic  guy. He thinks he’s something special because electricity refuses to kill him for some reason. Instead of turning him to ash, it just hangs out with him until he decides to discharge it like an electric eel, or he allows it to pass through him like poo through a goose. As someone who works around 110 000v of electricity on a daily basis, I have the common sense to fear and respect the power just waiting to turn me into a screaming Cajun side dish the second I let my guard down.

Not Slavisa Pajkic though. He’s full-on BFF status with electricity.  What a jerk.

Peep the video for yourself.


FYI dude, the reason your wife is so miserable is because her evening of romance equates to being wrapped up in an electric fence. Good job, Cassanova!


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