Too Much Donkey Semen

Wanna see something really scary?

The bastion of journalism, TMZ, reports that NBC feels their upcoming episode of the new Fear Factor may have crossed a line just a little bit.

And by a “little bit” I mean gallons.

And by “line” I mean a rope of animal jizz.

“Fear Factor” producers’ plans to serve fresh glasses of donkey semen to contestants on the next episode had NBC execs so concerned … they gave serious thought to killing the stunt, TMZ has learned.

Sources involved in the production tell us the stomach-churning stunt was shot last summer — but NBC honchos were having a tough time swallowing this one as the air date approached.

We’re told the challenge involved teams of twins drinking the full glass of donkey semen — with a glass of urine thrown in for good measure. Contestants had to drain both glasses in order to move on to the next round.

Our sources say NBC execs had multiple pow-wows in the months after the stunt was shot … but eventually gave FF producers the thumbs up.

Calls to NBC were not immediately returned.

The episode airs this coming Monday — and yes, we’re told multiple contestants actually do (gulp) drink up.

So that’s what they mean by donkey punch.

Watching people drinking donkey spoof with a donkey piss chaser?  I have absolutely no problem with NBC going through with this.  I wouldn’t watch it because if I was into watching people gulp down an animal’s money shot, I could see alot more interesting things on the Internet.

I think you're perfect for the role. Now just come over here to the casting couch.

Yes, Fear Factor is just a game show.  Society is rapidly being conditioned to enjoy watching “human car wreck” programming, which is why so many reality TV shows are so popular.  It makes the viewers feel better about their own disaster of a life to watch others in a full fail spiral and think “at least I’m not THAT bad!”

Contestants are looking to cash in on the money, but they also want their fifteen minutes of fame.  Meanwhile, there are professionally trained actors out there who sacrifice everything just to get a sniff at an opportunity to become a success.  Meanwhile, there are girls with very little redeeming qualities who get the celebrity treatment just because they spread their legs.

I say let all these reality mouth-breathers sacrifice too.  They want their big break?  Earn it.

Bottoms up!


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