Woman Injects Her 8 Year Old Daughter With Botox

Parents often see their children as precious, beautiful, unique little snowflakes.  Naturally, these people are a special brand of dillusional.  Every parent thinks their kid is the cutest thing ever.  But then they get a little older and the novelty of having a little person they can mold in their own image tends to fade, and the kid starts becoming more of an individual.

Of course, there are those special cases when the young child is dropped into some kind of superficial reality that Mommy and Daddy have created for their own narcisstic benefit.  The kid becomes nothing more than a doll that their parents can use to act out their own passions and goals.

Because whipping your hair back and forth is no way to go through life.

For some reason, ugly parents or vain parents tend to get off on putting their more non-fugly offspring into kiddie pageants, much to the delight of pedophiles everywhere.  From that point on, these kids have to deal with emotional issues that they are not even remotely able to cope with.  They’re broken down and brainwashed, trained like purebred hounds being groomed for a dog show.

But then you get that special kind of parent who wants the gold ribbon for their child and will go to any lengths to get it.

Guess it’s easier for Mommy to “fix” her daughter rather than have some work done on herself.

By Alex Creed Posted in Insane