Make War Not Love

Apparently, this is much less offensive than two guys kissing.

Oh ABC, how you piss me off.  Kiss the ass of the guy who beat the Hell out of his girlfriend and threw a temper tantrum about it, but God Forbid two guys should smooch on your network.

Still bullshit.

Should Chris Brown really be crying victim after his little incident on Good Morning America this past week?

Brown went on a rampage in his dressing room after Robin Roberts asked him some questions about his domestic violence incident with Rihanna two years ago, tearing off his shirt, and smashing a window.  ABC later announced that they would not press charges.

On top of that, his performance for this week’s Dancing With The Stars, also on ABC is still on as scheduled.  Good Morning America even extended an invitation back to the show to clear the air.

But where was all this hospitality when Adam Lambert kissed a male dancer on stage during a previous performance on the network back in 2009 at the AMA’s?

Following that incident, Lambert was subsequently banned from the network, with appearances on Good Morning America and Dick Clark’s Rockin’ New Years Eve being canceled as early as the morning after.

So why is tossing a chair through a window forgivable but an openly gay man kissing another man so taboo?

Thought we were past all that by now!

On top of that, the New York Post makes a great point that any non celebrity who destroyed ABC property like that would be easily arrested, escorted off the property, and not welcomed back. Also the fact that an innocent passer by could have been seriously injured by the broken glass.

Why is ABC giving Chris Brown a free pass over facing the music for a crime he committed, while Lambert gets banned from an entire network for being his non-harmful self?

We have come so very far.  I have such high hopes for the future.
And by “high hopes” I mean “no hope”.
By Alex Creed Posted in Stupid

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