Spider-Man’s Sucess and Failure on Broadway

Bono is a tit.

I’m sure the man has done many great things, and he loves the fact that he’s done  these great things.  But as far as this Spider-Man musical goes, he needs to stop it before someone gets killed.

Another day, another piece of bad news for Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark. Producers announced today that actress T.V. Carpio, who plays the enigmatic villainess Arachne, was sidelined from the show for two weeks after an onstage injury during the March 16 performance. She has been replaced by America Olivo. Carpio herself was a replacement for the original actress playing Arachne, Natalie Mendoza, who withdrew from the show after sustaining a concussion in November. The nature of Carpio’s injury was not immediately known.

A $65 Million debt, and a body count.  Jesus.

On the other hand, The Spidey Project had a successful first (and last) opening day.

The kicker?  It cost ZERO dollars to make, and nobody was injured.

Bono, your next humanitarian effort should be to take a page from these folks are realise that you don’t need millions of dollars of effects to be successful.  You just need to tell a good story.

By Alex Creed Posted in Stupid

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